Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

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Game Time - Německo
17. 11. 2018

Really Including Inclusion - Velká Británie
18. 11. 2018

Race for Tolerance: How to Organise a Demonstration - Velká Británie
18. 11. 2018

Improve Your Sustainability Future: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Skills for the Labor Market - Itálie
19. 11. 2018

Building Bridges, Breaking the Walls: Managing Refugee Crisis in Europe - 2-fázový projekt - Arménie (listopad 2018) a Švédsko (únor 2019)
20. 11. 2018

Behind the Reality - Itálie
1. 12. 2018

Pay it Forward through a Youth Exchange - Nizozemí
2. 12. 2018

LET'S MEDIATE - Training Course on Alternative Dispute Resolution in EVS (European Voluntary Service) - Velká Británie
2. 12. 2018

The FOODPRINT as Focal Point of Youth Work - Německo
4. 12. 2018

Dive into Diversity - Promote Inclusion - Srbsko
7. 12. 2018

Alone! No More! - Turecko
7. 12. 2018

Meaning-Making Models - Itálie
9. 12. 2018

EuroAnima - Polsko
10. 12. 2018

Youth has the right to want what it does not have and even what is impossible - Polsko
10. 12. 2018

Youth Hands in Hands for Combating Drug and Substance Abuse (A3) - Turecko
10. 12. 2018

Mission reACT - Rakousko
10. 12. 2018

Accessible Beyoğlu - Turecko
30. 12. 2018

EVS for Youth Inclusion - Turecko
5. 1. 2019

ABC Creativity - Polsko
20. 1. 2019

Creativity Takes Courage - Turecko
31. 1. 2019

My Own Values - Rumunsko
1. 2. 2019

Unleash Your Creativity & Bring Great Ideas to Life - Maďarsko
9. 3. 2019

Education for Deeper Social Integration
9. 4. 2019

My Own Values - Rumunsko
1. 2. 2019

Termín konání: 1.-10. únor

Místo konání: Gura-Humorului, Rumunsko

Počet volných míst: 3. Přihlašování do: 15. prosince.   

  Program a akce: program ERASMUS+, Klíčová akce 1: tréninkový kurz

Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím důkladně si přečtete info-pack. Prosím zamyslete se, jak do tohoto projektu zapadáte vy.  Pokud máte zájem se na tento projekt přihlásit, prosím odešlete vyplněnou přihlášku do 15. prosince.


Pro to, abyste se na tento projekt přihlásili je nutné, abyste vlastnili nejen občanský průkaz (který musíte mít ze zákona), ale také platný cestovní pas (s platností min. ještě 150 dní od datumu začátku vámi vybraného projektu)


V rámci programu ERASMUS+ jsou následující finanční specifika: v rámci všech projektů je kompletně (ze 100%) zajištěno jídlo, ubytování, aktivity, a to vše je zcela pokryto z fondů EU programu ERASMUS+ a zařízeno organizátory. Účastníkům dále budou proplaceny cestovní náklady (reimbursement) do max. výše €275 (v případě tohoto projektu) z místa bydliště do místa konání projektu a zpět.


Hostitelská organizace: AR Vocational and Investment Solutions

Popis projektu: 

The overall objective will be to improve the level of competence and quality of the professional activity of the main target group in the field of value culture in order to help teenagers who encounter difficulties in building a solid system of values, to increase the quality of their education and, in general, their lives. The 32 learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of the value issue (typology, history etc.), increase their working skills with young people by experimenting methods, techniques, types of activities in order to build a solid system of personal values; will develop a proactive attitude and behavior towards the values issue, by designing and putting into practice an awareness campaign and a teenagers’ education program.


They are specific to non-formal education and develop creativity and involvement: knowledge and trust exercises; reflection exercises, PP presentations; open space, round table, group workshops, cafe learning; forum play, role playing, simulation; watching short films; study trip.


All the participants are kindly asked to perform the following tasks before the course:

  1. Prepare a short presentation (5-7 minutes) of your organization and its activity
  2. Be ready to talk about these issues
    a. What is the core value that you feel that defines you the most from the following: truth, good, beauty, justice, freedom? 
    b. Describe a situation in which you were prevented to apply a core value in your actions (inner or outer causes)
  3.  Bring something specific from your country (national symbols, food, drinks etc.) for our Intercultural Evening
  4. Each organization with experience in youth projects will prepare an energizer. We will use these exercises in different moments of the course (you will be trainers too!)
  5. Bring good mood and strong motivation! :)
  6. Specific tasks will be given to some of the organizations by email.

Follow up

Tasks after the course:

  • To complete the Participant’s report sent by EU - task for the participants
  • To disseminate the project (post a presentation of the project on the web-page/ FB page of the organization etc.) – task for the participants and the leaders of the organisations
  • To continue the project in their countries; they will commit to develop at least one of the following activities – task for the participants:

a) Trainings for youths

b) Raising awareness campaigns; handover of the flyers with short explanations about the importance of values in life to teenagers and persons of other ages

c) Contribute to a European e-Album of values – a FB page for all of us

d) A visit with youths to a court of law

e) Volunteering at an orphanage

f) Others (identified by the participants)

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