Aspire to Inspire — Poland


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Poronin, Poland

Dates: 4—12 August 2021

National group size: 11+2 group leaders

Please read the info-pack

Participating countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia

Hosting organisation: Initiative Mine Foundation /Fundacja Kopalnia Inicjatyw

Project description:

Our goal is to build ecological awareness, increase knowledge about ecology and environmental protection, exchange experience in this field. Our project serves this perfectly. It was created by participants based on our interests and needs. It is a form of development of our interests and passions, and at the same time an expression of our concern for the natural environment.

Our project is part of a broad social campaign building ecological awareness among the public. The result of our work will be educational materials created during our activities – ecological workshops, social campaign, film, music video, publication. Long-term benefits mean a better state of the environment, which has a direct and positive effect on our health.

1. Creation of a video clip due to the main topic of our project.
2. Documentary video- presentation of our understanding topic of our project.
3. Brochure- reporting our understanding of local ecology.
4. Idea of an event/meeting which will be our understanding of ecology issue.
Implemented in local area of participants after the youth exchange ( max. 2 months after)
5. Idea of a social campaign which will be implemented in a local environment after the youth exchange.

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