Change Places, Change Lives — Austria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+: Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 13—21 December 2021

Venue: Velden am Wörthersee, Austria

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Pax fee (collected by the hosting organisation) €30/pax  

Pax age range: 18-30

Number of pax: 2

Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Spain

Hosting organisation: GEMMA – Germeshausen und Mak

Project description:

Content and activities:

“Change Places | Change Lives” is aiming to develop youth workers/leaders competences in the field of migration to give them proper tools and methods to help young people to adapt with the situation of high migration level in all its aspects.

Solidarity, tolerance and integration are fundamental values that TC intends to promote. Activities will focus on the principles of intercultural dialogue and social inclusion, from both, European and global level. The challenges of migration, such as inclusion and integration of migrants, require development of solidarity and tolerance, and the TC aims to equip participants with tools to spread these values among young people, to contribute to the promotion of a more open and informed society that offers the same opportunities to everyone.

It will be a training course, but it’s not like the ones where you can sit back and relax. We will use active methods, based on experimental learning, in combination with practical theory. This means that you will work in workshops, with role plays and exchange the experiences you have and plan concrete future projects.

“CHANGE PLACES | CHANGE LIVES” Training Programme will
achieve the following objectives:

  • Development of a more tolerant, inclusive and egalitarian society;
  • Support the reflection among participants on the different dimensions of migration and mobility;
  • Exchange of good practice in the field of youth related to international migration, mobility and its influence on young people in the EU and in the partner countries and the opportunities arising;
  • Training of youth workers to better address problems and opportunities arising from migration, together with the local youth and migrants;
  • Transfer and development of knowledge of European mobility programs in youth worker;
  • Promotion of European cooperation between NGOs that are in contact with migration and youth mobility;
  • The development of new initiatives in the field of youth and mobility within Erasmus+, to give migrants and local youth the same opportunities.

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