#Clowning — Latvia


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 14—22 June 2022 

Venue: Gulbene, Latvia

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National team site: 4 participants (aged 16-18) and 1 group leader (aged 18+)

Hosting organisation: Jauniesu centrs “Baze”

Project description:

Project description and participants’ profile:

Youth centre “Baze” has the pleasure to organise the youth exchange project “#Clowning”. The idea of the project came from youngster group. From youngsters, who are interested in social activities in Latvia un Europe. In daily basis they see and hear what is happening around them and in the world, at once understanding, how all these happenings can affect their own lives and the lives of others. Therefore, encompassing these problems and circumstances, the youngster idea was, using the project capabilities, to learn more about clowning method, that could help to address specific problems in specific cases of life.

The following youth exchange is for youngsters between 16-18 years. The group contains 4 youngsters and 1 team leader (18+). Project is for youngsters, who are interested in theatre, arts, improvisation and music, for participants who are interested and ready to resolve, discuss and share the most common social problems in their countries and EU.


Clowning is a method by which is possible to identify and address various social problems. If you look at clowning from a historical point of view, it is “making fun or copying” that draws the attention of the surrounding people to make them look at their own actions from the side view. Clowning, as a method, will give the opportunity to explore new things and competences in communication, participation, analytical and creative thinking, team building, planning and orgaising, etc.


  • To get to know the clowing method better by sharing experiences with practice and to understand how to identify and deal with social problems through this method. 
  • Enabling youngsters from different countries to meet, to develop intercultural dialogue, be active and take part in project activities.
  • Promoting youth cooperation with other social groups: social care centres, youth groups who are in social risk, etc.


The final measure of the project is short group performances, which will take place in “Youth award” giving event.

To achieve a result, participants will have an opportunity to participate in:

  • Clowning, improvisation, theater, outfit and make-up making activities;
  • Using non-formal methods to discuss social problems across Europe (especially in their own countries);
  • Share their experience and good practice;
  • Getting to know other cultures, to meet new friends and spend some quality time in summery Latvia.
  • Don’t worry, you will have a chance to participate in traditional Midsummer activities as well! 

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