KAIZEN Youth for Health – Greece


Dates: 27 September – 10 December 2021

Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece

Programme and action: European Solidarity Corps, volunteering projects – short-term

Please read the  information about the project on the ESC Portal., detailed information about the activity. and a weekly programme.

Hosting organization: ESAI EN ROI Cultural Organization of Macedonia – Thrace


Proposed activities for volunteer:

It is a common belief that behavioral patterns are fundamental as to evaluate quality of life. We aim to quality of life (QoL) of 1) DISABLED and disadvantaged population including them to a short environmental protection campaign with medians sport & cultural events and 2) of the volunteers‘ themselves introducing them to basic principles of QoL.
In our ESC project volunteers with fewer opportunities will cooperate with disadvantaged & disabled youth and other young people with strong potentials in sports, arts and ecological activation and all together will learn & support activities related to inclusive culture. Within the short time period of volunteering they will create a facebook community for passing their experiences, ideas and hopes in the digital world, a contemporary practice for keeping a directory of the event and sharing their opinions with others. EERcomt hopefully will make available to the ESC volunteers sports equipment, chairs, easels, music instruments, theatrical clothes, etc. after related agreements related to the safety and good maintenance of this equipment.
In the current mobility EERcomt cooperates with the affiliated partners: Konstantinion Research Center of Molecular Medicine and Biotechnology and Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research to be supported with tuttors. The President of EERcomt, as a member of the Board of the other two associations, is the main median that engaged the partnership.

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