Paradise is Others — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Bédeille, France

Dates: November 2023. Exact dates TBA

Czech team: 3 participants (aged 18+)

Please read the info-pack, project summary and daily programme.

Hosting organisation: SolAfrika

Project description:

The aim of the training course are:

  1. Learn some human psychology concept, that will help you to be more tolerant and understanding about others behavior and emotion.
  2. Develop a listening and welcoming position, that helps people to talk, explain their mind and feeling, and explore themselves.
  3. Improve the art of speaking, because we all influence each other, and what we say can have a big impact on our environnement and relationship.

In these times, where everything goes fast, where we are overwhelmed by information, happiness injunction, love, and fame, we think that it’s time to turn inside ourselves to find calm, meaning and freedom.

To allow this, what’s better than having someone listening to you? Someone helping to express yourself and to dive into your emotion.

That’s why, we want to share with social workers, some skills to help them to make their target group feel safe to talk and help them to understand themselves better.

This training course pursues other goals such as:

  • Promoting a healthier way of living through a healthy, organic diet.
  • Encouraging critical thinking and being active in a group dynamic.


We plan to use participative methods. Participants will be active and involved in any task from daily life. We will also use non-formal education tools to promote group dynamic and in the workshops proposed. Therefore, everyone should be able to develop their critical mind, their analytical sense and share their opinion with others. This way we will promote each skill and knowledge that we will gain during the training course.

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