Passion for Democracy — Poland


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 9—14 May 2022

Venue: Biały Dunajec (near Zakopane), Poland

National team size: 2 participants

Please read the info-pack & daily programmet.

Participating countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Spain

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Podkarpacia dla Mlodych Orzel

Project description:

The seminar „Passion for democracy” will address the issue of low level in the active citizenship and civic participation among youth. We are determined to stage discussions, swap experiences and search together for the solution of this problem. All the partners in this project keenly partake in the activities aiming to raise the level of active citizenship and civic participation of the youth. Our initiative will serve as the space for exchange ideas, views and undertaking new initiatives in this field.

The main event of the project „Passion for Democracy” – seminar – will be attended by 29 people: leaders, youth workers, teachers, representative of local municipality council, facilitators, coaches and experts hailing from 13 countries and representing 14 partner organizations. These participants have a proven record of daily work with youth. Seminar will be conducted from 09 to 14 May 2022 in Biały Dunajec near Zakopane (Malopolska region).

Once undertaken and completed this project of ours will result in the increase of civic participation among youth, facilitate the recipients to obtain expertise and experiences in this field. The acquired knowledge, skills and experiences will be taken advantage of later, when working with young people in the daily routine. It will also have a positive impact on the development of our organizations. All the merits learnt from this initiative will be shared and disseminated within our local communities in order to reach out to the wider circle of beneficiaries. The important outcome of our project will also comprise the future actions stemming from the partnerships forged at this particular seminar.

We will meet all participants in Krakow and from we will arrange bus to venue of seminar

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