SelfESTeam. All Poems Matter — Romania


Programme: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 16—24 August 2021

Venue: Oradea, Romania

National group size 4+1GL

Please read the infopackdaily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia and Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Asociația Idei și Proiecte pentru Tineri Activi (IPTA)

Project description:

This youth exchange is designed for younsters aged 14-18, coming mainly from rural and small urban areas, who want to experience creative methods of exploring his emotions and self-

We invite you to: Engage with your own creative expression, explore emotional literacy, affirm your strengths, find new ways of coping with challenges, get to know your new friends.

Let’s explore a deeper understanding of our emotions and find opportunities to voice the truth!

Self ESTeam. All poems matter is a Youth Exchange in which we introduce an educational program that promotes literature-based tools, as creative writing, research, role-playing, emotional
introspection, performance, trust building and group awareness, thus creating a safe learning space for a peer-to-peer exploration.

The project’s concept comes from some well-defined analysis, as many researchers agree that literature has a huge impact on developing emotions and self-esteem.

We are looking to correlate the poetry with our primary emotions, and to get to understand how
can poems’ language connect with our own emotions, feelings, reactions, and later on, with our self-esteem.

What will you be doing?:

  • develop a creative context for analyzing each dynamic
  • use different kind of poems to explore ourselves
  • collect new inputs and inspiration to express our emotions
  • encourage imediate creativity
  • stimulate the brain and the body to work in a simultaneous way
  • use positive thinking and positive affirmation
  • … and let’s discover together the rest!

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