Spotlight on Youth Leaders — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 8—16 September 2022

Venue: Rabka-Zdrój, Poland

National team size: 2 participants

Please read the infopack.

Hosting organisation: Stowarzyszenie Europe4Youth

Project description:

Youth Exchanges is a powerful tool to work with young people. In order to exploit its full potential and make a true change through youth exchanges we need to have youth leaders that are competent, equipped with variety of tools, invested in maintaining highest quality of inclusion, participation and youth work standards.

The project aim is to prepare a group of youth leaders from Erasmus+ Program countries to fulfill their role to the highest extent, securing the quality.

Let’s explore the possibilities that youth exchanges are giving us!

Goal: This Training Course will form a pool of youth leaders to be engaged in various youth exchanges organized by this partner consortium for the next years.

– explore the full potential and possibilities for achieving a social change through youth exchanges,
– better understand the concept of youth exchanges in Erasmus+ program,
– developing competences to design high quality youth exchanges based on needs and ideas of young people in a participatory way
– equip youth leaders in knowledge, skills and attitudes to support young people in developing youth exchanges,
– internalize youth work standards and values to practically implement them in the youth exchanges development proces.


We invite 24 youth leaders from different countries- working with young people by supporting their initiatives, leading youth groups etc. Participants should be already engaged in youth work professionally, voluntarily, regularly or occasionally and have strong motivation to work with young people using youth exchanges.

Youth leaders should collaborate with an organization (NGO, municipality, other public/private body) working with youth, registered in one of the Program countries of Erasmus+ and having a verified ECAS account. Participants will be asked to present their organization’s OID number.

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