Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

Info about organisation

European Youth Centre Břeclav is non-profit nongovernmental organization founded by young people for young people on 15 March 2007. Our organisastion was founded with the financial support of Vodafone foundation and its seat is in the building of the Grammar school Břeclav, which had a big share in its creation.

Our main aims and activities are informing young people about EU and its educational programmes, supporting self-realization and personal development of youth through educational programmes of the EU and developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and active civil society.

Since EYCB was established we have sent more than 850 youths to over 340 projects in 42 countries. You can have a look at our project map to see where all these projects took place. Since 2007 we have also organised 8 projects (youth exchanges and training courses) in the Czech Republic that were supported by the Youth in Action and Erasmus+: Youth programmes. Since 2013 we have also been active as a European Voluntary Service sending organisation - so far seven young people took part as volunteers in NGOs abroad. We also fully funded and coordinated a three-month project in which we sent a volunteer-health worker Jana Ondrejková to the Ghanian OSDA organisation. You can read more about her volunteering experience here.

Our mission is:

  • Informing and raising awareness of the European Union and its educational programmes
  • Promoting self-fulfillment and personal development of young people through educational programmes of the European Union
  • Developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation and active civil society