Our activities

Participation in international projects within the European educational programmes

Preparation and implementation of projects within the European educational programmes

The main priority of the European Youth Centrum Břeclav is participation, preparation and realization of projects within the framework of Youth in Action educational programme. This programme was created by the European Union and is mainly intended for young people.

Its goal is to encourage a feeling for active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans and integrate them into creating the future of the Union through support and development of non-formal education. It is designated to young people between 13 and 30 years of age, with emphasis on the age group 15 to 28.

Youth in Action programme offers youth exchanges, voluntary service, support of the local community, participation in democratic projects, training and seminars for youth workers, cooperation with partners in other EU member countries and other interesting activities. You can find out more about the programme and individual activities on the web-page of the Czech National Agency or you can read the full Erasmus+: Youth programme guide here.

The primary activity of our centre is furthermore the realization of and participation in projects within the framework of Erasmus+: Youth. We focus mainly on two types of these projects: Youth exchanges and Training courses and seminars.

These exchanges allow young people from different European countries to participate in a project on a certain topic arranged by a group from another country.

These projects cover active participation of young people and they are specially designed so the groups are allowed to discover and get to know different social and cultural realities and also to learn from each other and strengthen their feeling that they are European citizens. Participants of youth projects get the opportunity to discuss and confront various topics while they are learning about their countries and cultures and to develop new relationships with foreign friends.

A great advantage of EU Erasmus+: Youth funded projects is that the programme covers full cost of accommodation, food, activities and travel costs (up to a limit based on the EU ‘distance calculator‘. This means that it is financially accessible practically to anyone.

Secondary we work also with Europe for Citizens programme and other programmes (EuroMED Youth, Grundtvig, etc).


Group and individual trainings, lectures and team-building activities

We offer trainings and lectures dealing with topics connected with the objectives of our activities, primary Youth in Action programme and its usage to governmental and nongovernmental organizations, groups and individuals . Simultaneously, we offer team-building courses based on mutual cognition, team cooperation, communication, respect and responsibility.


General informing about the European Union and opportunities that the EU offers

Integral part of our activities is informing about the European Union and opportunities that the EU offers to young people and not only to them. For this purpose we use primarily our informational blog EU 4 U, these web-pages and other forms of communication (e.g. interactive presentations at schools).


Establishment of international networks and contacts between non-profit organizations

Another form of our activities is establishment of international networks and contacts between non-profit organizations. These organizations can contact us if they are looking for a partner for their international project or some other activity.