Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav

Our team

Jana Parolková, Jana Parolková

1st Vice-president, project coordinator

Hello everyone who loves non-formal education, travelling and learning by doing!

My name is Jana Parolková and I have been the project coordinator in EYCB since 2010. Therefore if you like one of our Upcoming projects and you would like to take part in it or just ask us about projects more generally, then it will be me who will respond to your e-mail. Additionally, I also manage the Past projects section on our website which should be particularly interesting for you if you are thinking about participating in a project abroad but you don’t really know what to expect.

So that you know me a little better I am from Břeclav, but I spend a vast majority of the year in the UK. The Czech Republic and the UK therefore share my heart, home, volunteering, work and my studies. 



Jakub Miklín, Jakub Miklín

President, EVS coordinator

Hello, my name is Jakub Miklín and I am very honoured to be a president of the European Youth Centre Břeclav this year. My professional interest is history, but helping other young people discover the amazing possibilities of volunteering in Europe and assisting my great colleagues to run the EYCB has become more and more important to me during the past few years. I believe that we can do this world better thanks to volunteering and active citizenship, which I am trying to contribute to by what I do in the EYCB.

In case you want to become an EVS volunteer abroad (unfortunately not in our NGO) I am here to help you with everything around that. If you want to advise with preparing a grant application for an Erasmus+: Youth in Action project or administrative issues around running an association in the Czech Republic, please do not hesitate to contact me.

+420 605 081 878


Ondřej Svačina, Ondřej Svačina

Financial vicepresident

Hello, my name is Ondra and in EYCB I am responsible for finance. I am the one who sends you your travel costs. From this year I also take care about our web, so if you encounter any kind of error, send me please an email to mailto:ondra.svacina@gmail.com?subject=Chyba eycb.eu.

Something about me: I come from Eastern Bohemia form little village near Ústí nad Orlicí. Currently I live in Brno where I also study IT.


Michal Havelka


Hey, I’m ready to help you with anything about projects, from going on one to creating your own. Thanks to the EYCB I was able to travel Europe and make a lot of tremendous friends all around it, which naturally changed my life. I would be more than happy to help you experience the same.

I come from Brno where I graduated from Molecular Biology and Environmental studies, so it is not hard to conclude that I like nature and its preservation. I also enjoy playing various sports and talking in different languages.