Náš tým

  • Jana – likes to be involved in everything. She is the project (KA1), ESC and Visegrad Fund projects coordinator. Jana also takes care of EYCB’s social media, website and newsletter content.
  • Jakub – has been the EYCB (financial) vice-president for the past several years and previously had held the role of EYCB’s president for five consecutive years. He takes care of reimbursements, legal side of things and accounting. He was awarded the title „Person of the year of the non-governmental non-profit sector of South Moravian region“ in 2016.
  • Martina – is our reflection girl. She is the one who makes sure all teams reflect on their experience from a project. She also posts project reports and photos on EYCB website.
  • Eva – is our mastermind behind writing our funding applications (and organising the funded projects). She is also our mindfulness coach.
  • Petr – is our podcast guy. Petr is the mastermind behind the idea of elevating the profile of ESC programme. Each podcast episode features one of our volunteers who recently came back from his/her ESC. In each episode Petr and the volunteer talk about the volunteer’s experience, ESC practicalities and is an all-round fun way to learn about ESC as a programme.
  • Martin – makes sure our Facebook page is up to date and filled with the latest opportunities for self-development