Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav


Presentation about migration and volunteering in refugee camps
23. 11. 2018

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28. 3. 2018

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20. 9. 2015

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9. 1. 2015

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15. 4. 2014

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20. 11. 2013

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10. 10. 2013

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15. 12. 2012

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2. 12. 2012

Discussion About Volunteering
27. 11. 2012

Presentation about migration and volunteering in refugee camps
23. 11. 2018

Date: 23. November 2018
Venue: Business school Břeclav

Migration, life of migrants and volunteers' help to migrants was topic of a presentation that we organised 23rd November at Business school Břeclav. EVS volunteer Jana Lejskeová who took part in the EVS project "Volunteers Own Volition for a Wonderful World" and who is long-term interested in migration and education of children from refugee families prepared an interactive presentation for senior students that focused not only on general information about causes of current migration crisis, numbers of refugees, where from they come and where they go etc. but described also her personal experiences with teaching refugee children and how does everyday life in refugee camp look like.

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