How to do ERASMUS+ not only in France


Termín konání: 16. 4. 2019

Místo konání: Břeclav Public Library

Having an experience with studying, working and living abroad seems for current generation of youth natural. In the same time, many young people are scared by this demand or do not know where to look for such opportunities.

During a presentation organised in cooperation with the Břeclav Public Library, attenders could learn more about one possibility of spending some time in foreign country, helping others by volunteering and learning lots of new things. Bára Svobodová, ex-EVS volunteer, shared her experiences with participating in the EVS project “Take part!” and formerly in an internship in Brussels. Bára presented, how to easily (and cheaply) travel abroad, how to take part in ERASMUS+ projects and what does it take to live for one year in a foreign country.

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