Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav
Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav


Unlocking Dreams / Stories from Cyprus
10. 10. 2019

Workshops within the Visegrad fund project
3. 5. 2019

How to do ERASMUS+ not only in France
16. 4. 2019

Presentation about migration and volunteering in refugee camps
23. 11. 2018

Pilot Workshop on EU
28. 3. 2018

Presentation for Roma scholars in Brno
4. 3. 2017

Voluntarily in Ghana
8. 4. 2016

Cleaning up Břeclav
2. 4. 2016

Břeclavané sobě
20. 9. 2015

Meeting an EVS ex-volunteer
7. 9. 2015

Tasting European Voluntary Service
9. 1. 2015

Disscussion "How to Discover Europe and Save Money"
15. 4. 2014

We for Water - Water for Us
5. 4. 2014

Children from Horácké náměstí primary school were discovering colourful world with us
20. 11. 2013

EYCB at Welfare Services Fair
10. 10. 2013

Indoor Exercising Maraton
15. 12. 2012

Gingerbreads for a Good Thing
2. 12. 2012

Discussion About Volunteering
27. 11. 2012

Workshops within the Visegrad fund project
3. 5. 2019

The activities were realized within the project "You(TH) Decide! - Civic Engagement of V4 Youth" (project number 21820204) supported by Visegrad fund (https://www.visegradfund.org/).

Many young people in V4 countries are very dissapointed with politics and do not believe they have any real possibilities to influence political decisions. It is the aim of series of workshops realized among youth by partners of the VF project "You(TH) Decide" to change this negative attitude of young people towards politics.

The first workshop organised by EYCB focused on functioning of town/city administration and possibilities of youth to participate in it. First, we reviewed with students how a town is managed and what are responsibilities of individual authorities. Then, we presented some methods with which young people can influence public affairs and political decisions. In the second practical part of the workshop participants working in groups chose some problems in their towns/communities and proposed specific activities (or 'action plans') to solve them.

Participants' testimonies: "The workshop was interesting and informative." "Now I am more motivated to be active in my town." "I think it was interesting for students, it was enlivening of ordinary teaching."

During the second workshop we presented functioning, aims and activities of EYCB as an example of NGO active in Břeclav supporting active citizenship. Students learned also about non-formal education projects within the Erasmus+ Youth programme. Thanks to activities such as energizers or team-work they could also see how these projects work.

The third workshop was designed as a disscussion with EYCB members about active citizenship, possibilities of joining EYCB activities and volunteering on local as well as national and international level.

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