A Deeper Sense of Inclusion – Ireland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Woodstown, County Waterford, Ireland

Dates: 15-22 June 2017

Participants: Anna Rojková, Robert Ach-Hübner

Participating countries: Ireland, Armenia, Jordan, Romania, Estonia, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain

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Hosting organisation: Woodstown Residential and Activity Centre (WRAC) 

Project report: 

On 22nd June me and my new Czech friend met at the airport in Bratislava and we took a plane to Dublin. We got few hours to have a look around Dublin and then we headed south by train to Waterford where a taxi driver picked us up and drove us to our new home for a week. The place where the training course ‘A deeper sense of inclusion’ took place is called Woodstown. We stayed in house with two bedrooms, each room was for 12 people. In front of the house was a sandy beach with a view of ocean and there was just one restaurant next to the house.

The first day, we met the rest of participants. There were 21 participants in total from 10 countries, 2 amazing trainers, Elena from Spain and Dominique from Belgium and a great Irish organiser Declan. The training course was called A deeper sense of inclusion. This might not sound interesting but when I tell you what we did you will be surprised.

We had a frame of our activities, at the beginning we got a plan of activities, sort of a timetable which really helped us to stay organised and focused on the program.

So, what did we do? The program was focused mainly on self-development. We had very special and useful workshops with topics such as vulnerability, curiosity, silence or empathy. The final part of the project was a preparation and performance of Labyrinth Theatre. It is a form of artistic show in which not only actors perform but the audience is becoming part of it. It is necessary to use all the senses and gain strong connection with the audience. This method taught us how we can approach the youth we work with and how we can build trust and support them.

We had moments when we laughed but also moments when almost everyone of us cried. It was very intensive but after this course I believe we will be better youth workers, coaches, teachers, etc.

Our great organiser Declan brought us food for breakfast and lunch daily, he asked if we have any other requirements and he even organised amazing afternoon trip to a beach nearby when the bravest one of us went swimming, we went to see a waterfall in a national park, one evening we went to a local pub in which the locals played traditional Irish music and one evening we had an amazing bonfire on the beach with locals.

All the participants enjoyed the course a lot, we became one big family, we trust each other, we support each other and hopefully we are going to stay in contact and share our ideas and experience regarding the work with youth.

After the end of official program, our Czech team headed to the west coast and we explored the beauty of Irish nature for few days. It was an unforgettable experience as well.

Thank you to EYCB for the possibility to take part in this project and for being supportive during the initial arrangements before the project. It is obvious that EYCB is very professional organisation which knows the process of the projects very well and is capable to arrange amazing opportunities for young Czech people.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Anna Rojková

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