Conflict vs. Negotiation — Armenia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Pax: Drahomíra Platlová, Lenka Rejzková, Petra Krupičková

Venue: Pambak/Vanadzor, Armenia

Dates: 14-21 September 2013

Participating countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine

Project report:

#conflict managemant #negotiation practice #fun #Caucas #excitement #new methodology#exploring #different ways of life #armenian cognac …even if I wrote only hashtags about this week I would continue for a long time!

The training course held in mountains of Armenia was really a strong experience. Together with other youngsters and youth workers we took part in a intensive seminar in training centre near to village called Pambak.

Name Conflict vs. Negotiation tells you a lot about the theme of our training – we focused mainly on non-formal conflict management methods, ways how to solve conflicts in everyday practice of youth-worker and different aspects of negotiation techniques. Georgian trainer G.Kakulia gave us a chance to learn a lot about reconciliation of conflicts in international groups, particulary we spoke about conflicts caused by stereotypes or simply by different perception of behaviours, signs etc. Program of the training was well balanced, interesting and I am sure that what we learned will be pretty useful for us in future.

During the free time we spend hours chatting, sharing everything from book and ideas to national drinks and dances. Also we explored nearby Pambak (us being a huge attraction forhospitable locals) and regional centre Vanadzor.

Last day we went all together to visit office of our hosting organization YIC located in Gyumri. After discussion about youth work and practice in Armenia we had time to explore town little bit. In the evening nobody wanted to tell “Good bye!”

Lenka Rejzková

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