Create Equal Opportunities in the Cultural Diversity – Turkey


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Training Course

Dates: 10-17 June 2015

Venue: Diyarbakır, Turkey

Participants: Asma Saleh, Jana Němcová, David Takács

Please read the project info-pack.

Participating countries: Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Poland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Turkey

Host organisation: Diyarbakir YouthGroup

Project report:

“Create equal opportunities in cultural diversity!” That was the theme of our whole TC, which was situated in a small Kurdish village Hani near Diyarbakir. We spent there one week from 10th to 17th of June. So you can imagine that the weather was simply perfect, 34° in a shadow was ideal. There were three participants from each country, Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, Romania an four participants from different parts of Turkey.

We lived in a local dormitory, where the conditions where tough but gave the authentic experience. The place was surrounded by the beautiful mountains. Therefore meeting freely cows, sheep, hens and even a turtle on a street was just on a daily basis. We all appreciated the direct contact with the Kurdish culture which as an average tourist you cannot experience.

The scheme of the TC was full of interesting games in which we had imaginary islands or states and for instance we had to create the compromise between the minority and majority of the population. We also discussed the problem of stereotypes, xenophobia and discrimination.
There was one day trip to Diyarbakir where organisers prepared a surprise for us typical Turkish breakfast that consisted such a wide range of different meals that you couldn’t even taste all of them.

The theme of equality was also connected with the intercultural night where each country did it the same evening so it didn’t developed into a competition but into sharing&caring.

We got along with each other very naturally because we spent a lot of time together at the dormitory, sharing with each other our life stories as well as playing some games to get to know each other better as also to find out some curiosities about ourselves.

At the end of the project the trainers enlightened us about the Erasmus+ and gave us some useful information.

All in all each of us enjoyed that TC in  Turkey. We gained new knowledge and experience which we can use in future as well as in our everyday lives. We’re glad we had the chance to participate and also to visit such an interesting place. We will definitely remember it for a long time.

Asma Salehová

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