Creative Spaceship — Spain


Program & action: programme ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Dates: 2-9 November 2018

Venue: Tarifa, Spain

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Participants: Michal Kubík, Martin Slabý, Natálie Schejbalová, Joanna Piętaková

Group leader:Jan Míka

Participating countries:  CR, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania

Project report: 

On sunny November 2nd (well, in Spain), team of five from Czech Republic (Michal, Martin, Natálie, Honza a Asia) arrived in the southern place possible in the Europe (do not mistaken with British Gibraltar, that one is surprisingly little bit more on north), Spanish Tarifa.

Reason of our visit was deeply important – we were about to join training with topic of creativity lead by trainers Anastasiya and Sofia from polish organization Logos. Fundamental basics of training were connected with upcoming mechanizing of Europe, where people will be more and more required to use creativity in their work (if it’s not happening already).

During our stay we have learnt different kinds of methods for daily usage in deciding, leading, self-control and co-operation. We were also educated about intercultural exchange by working with other participants from five nations – Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania and of course Spain. And it wasn’t boring, because we used our creativity in presenting our task outcomes – drawing, crafting and even video making.

During leisure time we had fun with many types of activities including flamenco show, surfing lessons and sightseeing, all organized by Mónica and Ony from local organization K’MON, whose were also taking care about our venue and basic (food!) needs!

We had amazing time surrounded by almost tropic nature, learning valuable lessons for our future and discussing kinky topics with people from many European nations.

What else could we wish for?

Jan Míka, from *cough* Czech Republic

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