Creative Us — Moldova


Termín konání: 1-8 July 2013

Místo konání: Cosnita, Moldova

Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. training course

Pax: Marek Hrdina, Dominik Franěk, Jaroslava Kašparová

Project report:

The project “Creative Us” took place in tiny little Moldovan village on a lake side. The participants were mostly from East-partnership countries of the EU and from a few member states. At first, those whose mother tongue is not related to Russian language at all began to be scared that English was going to be put aside and we all would have to adapt to Slavic languages with a huge emphasis on Russian accent. But soon those scared individuals found out that all those post-soviet countries participants are thankful for the chance to speak English and appreciated every contact with us.

Since the very beginning we were thinking what this kind of partnership is for and who the people from those countries would be. During the week we realized that it is a great step from the EU towards peace keeping with its partners and neighbours and for the ordinary young people it helps to break the stereotypes some of us would have before. We have realized it is a mutual partnership when the EU offers its experience on development, know-how, human rights respect, respect of law, market economy etc. ,and therefore, the partnering countries offer their markets to EU investors who bring jobs and new technologies.  

The whole training was led by great trainers – Lorenzo and Basha. They were perfectly prepared and made us think about ourselves. We experienced some really motivating moments which were awaking our creativity and improvisation on one side and we were talking and thinking about serious issues on the other side. At the very end we wrote a letter to ourselves which was a practical conclusion of everything we have gone through and realized during the whole week. Besides all that, Lorenzo was wonderful speaker, actor, and fair guy! We loved him!

The training made us calm and good-tempered. It let us know what are we able to do when we are not prepared and we have to use creative problem solving, we met great people from eastern Europe who made us realize who they really are and how does it feel to live in their countries.

Furthermore, we had some troubles with irresponsible, not tolerant organizers who didn’t bring pleasant feelings to some participants with their wrong and unfair judgements, but this could happen everywhere. 

Jaroslava Kašparová

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