Critical Thinking Skills — Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Dates: 4-12 May 2019

Participants: Hana Hladilová, Sára Szmeková, Martin Zeman

Please read the info-pack and watch the project video.

Hosting organisation: CET Platform Bulgaria 

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Saint Martin, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, North Macedonia and Croatia.

Project report: 

32 participants from 9 countries participated in  training course  “Critical Thinking Skills” (Bulgaria, Nort Macedonia, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic,  Poland, Estonia, Latvia a nd from tropical island of  Saint Martin).  Days of program activities 4-12 May 2019. This course  took place  in Pamporovo, Bulgaria.   

The Czech team arrived in Sofie day before the course. We created group  with other course participants on Facebook. We arranged and planed  a joint dinner in Sofia. So I met some participants before the course. We met with other course participants the next day. Then we all went by bus to Pamporovo. Pamporovo is a popular SKI resort among mountains. There is beautiful nature. 


The main goal of training course “Critical Thinking Skills” was build critical  thought, development  of cognitive skills and solving of problems.  During  this training course we had very busy schedule.Over the  next feww days we worked a lot in groups. I think thaught me a lot of  new things, because our groups were often very diverse and varied. We shared our experiences and opinions about the topic of course and about our  personal and professional lives.


Intercultural nights were an opportunity to get to know different cultures and we could taste a lot of traditional food and drinks  imported by participants from their own countries. The nights continued with socializing, dances or games. 


We visited town Smolyan. We met organization  YIYD Youth Center. Youth and volunteers from  the whole area , they have met there,  arganize beneficial events and help each other. We also had a trip to the Snezanka tower. 


I would like to recommend everyone: “Do not hesitate and go to training course -getting new knowledge and experience and have fun.”
Thank very much organization EYCB Břeclav for the opportunity to participate in this training course.

Hana Hladilová

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