Difabville, a place to meet people with different abilities — Ukraine


Venue: Kosiv, Oblast Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Participant: Markéta Lopraisová

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. PBA = partnership building activity

Participating countries: Albania, Algeria, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, CZ, Poland, Rumania, UK, Cypurs, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Neterlands.

Project report:

Difabville is a name of project which between took place from 4 to 14th July in a small village in mountains of Ukraine.

There were almost 40 participants from different countries (Albania, Jordan, Israel, Moldavia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Georgia, Romania, UK, Czech Republic…) Participants were of different religions, faiths and different abilities. Yes – abilities, not handicaps. Project is called „Difabville“ and it means different-abilities instead of disabilities. The three main organizers were from different countries, Chris from the Netherlands, Ralluka – little woman from Romania, and Nikola- little blind man from Ukraine.

Program was very diverse, we were playing a lot of interesting games. Firstly, it was ice-breaking games and name games to get to know each other. We were playing many creative games mostly in groups. We visited few beautiful places in countryside and cities in Ukraine. Also, we create a new connection between the organizations and we wrote some new projects.

All the time we spend all together, we worked in groups or collectively. We tried and gained new experiences (for example what it would be like to be limited in movement), or to be blind (in a crowd of 15 people, go through a long route, climb and go down a slide is not easy).

As I said on the project Difabville were a lot of participants from different non-profit organizations and some of them are with a handicap (for example: hearing defect, visual or physical impairment) and still we are partners indiscriminately, without differences.

Markéta Lopraisová

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