East & West – Together is the Best – Georgia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. partnership building activity

Venue: Bakuriani, Georgia

Dates: 18 – 25 April 2014

Participants: Jakub David, Štěpán David, Tomáš Záruba, Veronika Lipšová

Project report


The purpose of this project was to train new organizators. Also the main part of the programme was connected with training us to be succesfull administrators. Of course we shouldn’t just work but we also should meet Georgian culture and see their typical architecture and national parks.

The story

We flew to the capital of Georgia Tbilisi. We were quite amazed by this city. We did not expect such a huge and beautiful city. We waited to our bus to Bakuriani for few hours and after that we went about 180 kilometers to Bkuriani. Local traffic is totally crazy, so I deeply recommend to pusillanimous people to close their eyes. What was really sad to see was trash everywhere in beautiful nature.

                The thing I really loved about this project was our accommodation. It was quite old building with woody interior reserved just for our project. Next to our building was another one with conference room, where we had the biggest part of our programme. Unfortunetly training is mostly not funny. Of course you should take it seriously and pay attention. After that it is really benefical. Now we know absolutly everything about organizing projects (thanks to our great main trainers Khatuna, Irakli and Temo).

                The thing I liked the most in this project was meeting locals. We played game in Bakuriani and we had missions. For example to ask people about their biggest success. All the people were very polite and nice (uncompareble with czechs). They invited us to their houses and sometimes they gave us some presents like bottle of wine. I have to mention also intercultural evenings. Every evening was presention about one of participated countries. And of course we drank a little and tasted their typical alcoholic drinks and beverages. 🙂

                Last day we went home and we had few hours in Tbilisi. Some of the organiztors showed us their capital. It was fantastic and I really fell in love with Tbilisi. Tbilisi is really modern and clean city with many historical buildings and monuments. Each from czech group was very surprised. We were sad that we could not stay for one or two nights more. I recommend to plan your trip with some day or maybe days free in Tbilisi.


Who will enjoy this kind of training in Georgia? I think that everybody, but especially people who can be sometimes serious and like to work for non-govermental organizations. The others will not enjoy the programme so much, but I am sure they will love Georgia also.

Jakub David

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