Eco Lifestyle — Slovenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Moravske Toplice, Slovenia

Dates: 3-13 June 2019

Participants: Martin Dlouhý, Martina Kyselá, Kateřina Nováková, Kristýna Loučková, Petr Velc, David Posolda

Group leader: Michal Királyi

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Hosting organisation: Connect, drustvo za promocijo aktivnega drzavljanstva, socialno podjetje

Participating countries: Slovenia, Hungary, Lithuania, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic

Project report: 

Zdravo! The world is full of amazing open-minded people who share a passion for life. Sometimes there is an opportunity to meet those people, talk to them and share our knowledge and experience we gained through our lives. 

I am very pleased I had chance to participate in ECO lifestyle youth exchange placed in Moravske Toplice, Slovenia since 3.6.2019 till 13.6.2019. There is so much to say but words cannot describe everything. It’s always better to act, to live it. We created, I’d say, a family atmosphere among us. All Czech, Italian, Lithuanian and Slovenian participants were so nice, cool, interesting and mostly happy people who love out planet. The main topic of the project (ECO lifestyle) was quite sensitive and we discussed it a lot from different perspectives. We enjoyed ourselves during workshops, in the spa, in the city, in the free time in Panonska Vas where we lived for the time being. There is literally nothing I could complain about.

We learnt new things about each country during national evenings, we tasted some traditional food, tried to speak few words in their language and even danced national dances. We also learnt new things about each other as well as about ourselves. This project enriched all of us and that’s why I recommend to everybody to join Erasmus+ life.

Big thanks to all participants and especially to Sara and Ana, organizers of the project who prepared beautiful experience for us and took care of us all the time. I cannot omit EYCB who mediated this for us. 

Hvala! Thank you! Děkuji!

Michal Királyi

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