EUropean Fairytale


Date: 1. – 8. September 2010

Venue: Lednice, Czech Republic

Partners: Turkey (Group team spirit), Portugal, Sweden, Rumania (CADDRU), Austria (Europahaus Graz)

Participants: 4 participants from each national group + 1 group leader

Topic and themes: The topic of this project are national fairytales. Each of the participating national groups will introduce their national fairytale. After getting to know the fairytales we will try to find aspects which are common or different for all these fairytales. Then we will create a European fairytale which will contain elements from all the national fairytales from the participating groups. We will perform this fairytale in a local kindergarten, or primary school, to show to little Czech children the beauty of multicultural Europe.

You can find more about the project on it´s blog:

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