Everyone Has a Story to Tell — Germany


Programme: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Bad Laer, Germany

Dates: 6—16 December 2021

National team size: 3

Please read the info-pack. 

Participating countries: Germany, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Czech Republic


Project description:
The project will bring together youth workers, educators and teachers to live and work under common roof. The participants will use creativity and innovation as a key competence for the personal and professional development. The digital storytelling is a concept that combines two crucial aspects – the power of creating personal narratives and our modern need to “go digital”.

The project will provide participants with knowledge about the digital storytelling method and its possible benefits for youth work, especially in the context of organising activities for young people at risk of exclusion;

The project will encourage participants to live creative and active life and use photography and short movie as tool to present their ideas.

The youth workers, educators and teachers will learn and share the information, good practices, tools and methods about inclusion and to play an active role to fight against bullying, violence, racism, discrimination , xenophobia in the own community.

Main program elements/working methodology:

Presenting-sharing-analyzing-discussing-listening-thinking-brainstorming-evaluating-acting – passing, editing and disseminating will be the important steps during course. Creativity, interactive and group working activities, active participation, workshops, learning by doing, presentations, theoretical input, simulation, role plays, discussions, plenary and eveluatation will be program elements and it will provide further knowledge and understanding of the issue.

Since photography and movies is a very influential instrument of communication using the photography and movies youth workers will present and show their view of thinking and approaching to the community.

Profile of the participants: 

The target group of the training course will be youth workers, leaders, facilitators, active volunteers
or educator from the partner organisations who:

• on a regular basis working for young people with fewer opportunities who are at risk of marginalisation, socially vulnerable youth and exclusion from their communities ;
• who can bring knowledge and experience from the course or who are eager to attend because of what they can benefit from the knowledge and experience of their peers;
• who has a passion, highly motivated and need to improve their digital storytelling skills as a tool for a change;
• who would like to experience to work on photos and short movies;
• Are interested to practice different techniques and experiential learning as a tool, for developing leadership skills and to empower young people within an inclusion and/or diversity context, in their future ERASMUS + projects;
• Age: 20+
• Be able to work in English.

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