Games on Board — Turkey


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Dates: 5 – 14 December 2013

Venue: Amasya, Turkey

Participants: Lukáš Koupil, Jan Kruntorád, Kristian Tomala, Jana Buršíková

Group leader: Tereza Prokešová

Project report:

The 2500 km long journey for 5 Czech participants started on Wednesday 4th of December. Because of the low budget we chose the flight from Vienna. We were really pleasantly surprised with friendly aircrew and especially with provided delicious meal by Turkish Airlines. In the capital city Ankara we met with Turkish organizers, who came with us to Amasya, our destination.

It was a 10-day long project, but nobody was bored and the last they we regretted to come home. During this exchange we played various types of games, focused on group communication, strategy, logical thinking etc. Furthermore, we tried to prepare a board game for blind people, who were the project about. We tried to imagine their everyday worries, we were using special blind-folders to evoke the feeling of blindness. We found out that being blind wasn’t easy and required a will to overcome this disability. We were lead by Spanish trainer Antonio, who (as well as games) prepared salsa night.


It was an awesome project, where were around 40 participants from 8 different European countries. Consequently, that meant a variety of opinions and cultures, which was really contributive. The weather was almost perfect, except the last day when it started to snow and we were afraid of snowdrifts and getting safely to Ankara. The organization was perfect, nothing to reproach. I think we all did our best and that is the main reason why we will remember this project for a long time.

Jan Kruntorád

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