#Get Up Stand Up — kick-off meeting — Cyprus


ProgrammeEurope for Citizens, Strand 1 “European Remembrance”

Venue: Nicosia, Cyprus

Dates: 10 – 13 October 2018

Participants: Tereza Minaříková

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Hosting organisation: YEU Cyprus

Participating countries: Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy, Poland

Project report:

On October 10-13. I took part in a conference in Cyprus called GetUpStandUp.

The GetUPstandUp conference was attended by countries such as Germany, Poland, Greece and  Italy.

The conference should raise awareness of memories of common history and of EU human rights.


The first day each country presented one event in the history of their country when people „GET UP AND STAND UP” for their rights. For my presentation I chose, the most important event of the Czech Republic. The Velvet Revolution. I found out that a lot of people from other countries had no idea what was the Velvet Revolution. I liked to raise, an important event for us and the awareness of other peoples.

Other host countries talked about the German Student Movement or the Italian Movement of 1968. After the presentations started a public debate where we could ask about the events that were presented and have more insight into the events in other countries. This part was very beneficial to me because I did not know anything about the topics presented by other countries.


After the program, we went sightseeing and we ended it with a dinner where were served typical local specialities. The following day was dedicated to organizational matters and preparation for the following projects with GetUpStandUp.


The whole conference was very enriching in terms of patriotism and I am very pleased to have participated and recognized important life events in other countries as well.

Tereza Minaříková

Project information: 


#GetUpStandup aims to raise awareness on remembrance, common history and human rights principles of the EU. Through remembering the historical facts of the German student movement, Prague spring, French May 1968, the Italian Movement of 1968 and the anti-dictatorship movements in Spain and Greece, we will examine the differences between the civil movements and political rights from 1968 until today!

The participating countries are Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Italy,and Poland. In total 10 organisations will participate. During the first phase of the project, each organisation will organise a public intervention, with the aim to engage bystanders into discussions on previous and current civil rights movements and the distribution of human rights.

On the second phase, two organisations of each country will organise a public debate, concerning the distribution of human rights on a local level, comparing the previously mentioned historical moments with current ones and the ways in which citizens advocate for those rights. The debates will include representatives from various fields including the youth, civil and governmental sector.

The third phase of the project will be structured dialogue conferences, one in each country. The aim will be to come up with effective tools to maximise civil engagement in advocacy and a more active democratic participation. The outcomes and recommendations of this conference  will be compiled into policy papers which will be distributed to the appropriate institutions of each country.

The last phase of the project, the international training courses, will be completed in Cyprus, Italy and the Czech Republic. Each T/C will examine the theory and practises of human rights advocacy in the EU, focusing on the previously mentioned time periods and today. Each T/C will focus on their field of expertise e.g. in Cyprus the T/C would be focused on Human Rights in conflict zones.

We would like to invite you to our preparatory meeting that will take place in Nicosia between 10-13 of October (10th and 13th of October are the traveling days). The meeting will last for two days, 11th and 12th, and the main reason is for each partner to meet each other and to give more details of the programme. During the meeting we will go deeper into the objectives, the methodology will be used and the activities will be implemented. There will be time for exchange of knowledge and good practiced.

Participants’ profile:

  • Participants are expected to have some experience in implementing (local) projects in their local communities/NGOs/organisations.
  • aged between 18+
  • able to communicate in English, as language of the project.
  • high interest in the project’s topics (remembrance, common history and human rights principles of the EU)
  • bring innovative ideas on how to raise awareness of the project’s topics
  • availability, commitment and motivation to participate in the kick-off meeting, and also opened to get involved in the dissemination activities after the end of the project
  • to be willing to research (self-study) the awareness of remembrance, common history and human rights principles of the EU in the Czech Republic prior to the kick-off meeting
  • continue the initiative to be pro-active in their local societies in order to raise awareness of remembrance, common history and human rights principles of the EU

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