Go Rural – Latvia


Dates: February/March – December 2021

Venue: Gulbene, Latvia

Programme and action: European Solidarity Corps, volunteering projects – long-term

Please read the infopack

Hosting organization: Gulbenes distric youth centre „Bāze“


Proposed activities for volunteer:

Both of volunteers will work together with youth workers, planning, organizing and evaluating activities
in rural areas (cultural and sport centres, libraries etc.) and in youth centres.

Main tasks:

  • Organizing activities for inhabitants and youngsters of Gulbene district and its rural areas (in cooperation
    with the county administration, schools, employees of cultural, sport and social centres, etc.);
  • Implement their own initiatives;
  • Organise and manage practical foreign language lessons;
  • Building lessons / story sharing about their country (traditions, culture, food, etc.) and share information
    about European Solidarity Corp given opportunities;
  • Other activities based on volunteers competencies and hobbies.

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