In Solitus — Spain


Programme: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course on the topic of psychology for youth workers

Venue: Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain

Dates: 1—8 December 2021

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Participating countries: Armenia, Czech republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain


Czech participants: Barbora Benčíková, Veronika Šromová, Michaela Slámová

Project report:

This journey crossed much more, than just borders of countries. In a good way! As I percieve this training course, it connected me deeply with other participants and especially with myself so I can take it to practise. It wasn´t just a theoretical training. This course really touched my heart. And I think, I wasn´t the only one who could felt it that way.

Our amazing group leaders, Diego, Hranush and Veronika helped us to create very nice and save atmosphere in the group, so we could be open to processes which we went through. We ´ve started with easy energizers and then we were slowly getting deeper with different kind of exercises from gestalt therapy and somatic experience. When some emotion appeared during some exercises, the leaders, especially Hranush, had a talk with person who wanted to share that emotion, so we could understand where does it come from. Through that we could learn a lot about childhood trauma, which actually everyone has. I think that we´ve experienced some deep processes and emotions, but we had also a theoretical explanation of what is happening. The experiences were divided into blocks with meals between them and most of them were body- experienced and one full block was theoretical.

So in the training we´ve learned a lot of different tools which we can use with youth. We also got some recommendations of which exercises are safe to do according to our skills and which we shouldn´t do without proper training. 

We had also one „day off“, when we visited „Medieval markets“ in Caravaca de la Cruz. We had all day there, which we truly enjoyed and some of us bought some presents for Christmas

To sum up, this was very special and beautiful, deep experience. We´ve learned a lot about body traumas but we also really enjoyed time together, I could feel that the whole group felt deeper connection thanks to all that sharing we went through.

The leaders were absolutely amazing, also the coordinators Jana and Carmen who took care about us from beggining till the end. 

I can´t wait for next experience with Erasmus+ programme!

                                                                                                                         Barbora Benčíková

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