Master the Game — Latvia


Dates: 13. 8. 2017 – 12. 8. 2018

Venue: Riga, Latvia

Programme and action: Erasmus+, KA1, European Voluntary Service – short term

You can read the infopack.

Volunteer: Jan Míka

Hosting organization: Piedzīvojuma Gars

Result of the project: During this EVS volunteers created 4 completely new outdoor night games. You can find their detailed description and rules in this brochure.

EVS report:

All started when I spotted advertisement about “Game master” voluntary service on facebook of European Youth Center Břeclav. I was always wondering if I should invest my effort in game design – to explain this point, my studies of combined all necessary skills for this profession, so I thought: “Why not?!”.

After short selection process I had been surprisingly selected as top candidate of this volunteering and in autumn I took a flight to Riga, capital of Latvia.

First months were really rough. I had so many things to do in hosting organization, but all of them were really satisfying me. We had in responsibility to take care about one-day teambuilding programs with gas masks, lasers and mirror and even high-rope activities.

We also join international youth exchanges with topic of delivering outdoor activities (Ethnosphere), very intense psychology self-development trainings (LEC, ROC) and spiritual programs in the forest (Find the lost, My heart compass). And I cannot forget about building of treehouse (Treehouse vol.2 in Latvia)

But the main responsibility was creating “Night games” – as name suggests – team buildings in the night of the city woods. Program, which aimed for overcoming your own fears, learning how to lead and reaalllly stretching your comfort zone.

I cannot say that on my EVS every single thing was perfect. That would be untrue statement, but I have gained soooooo many things, that it was definitely worth to being there for whole year and not even day less.

I have learnt about what drives me forward – my self-motivation, how to improve with everyday experiences, how to overcome my fears and axieties, how to work systematickly and enjoy every moment of what I am doing.

I cannot express bigger gratitude for program like this. Thank you Erasmus Plus and Piedzīvojuma Gars.

Jan Mika

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