No PRESS(ure) — Hungary


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Kőröshegy, Balaton lake, Hungary

Dates: 1—10 September 2023

Participans:  Zuzana Palkovičová(GL), Amálie Bradáčová, Mario Ander, Kryštof Kápka, Matěj Pavelka, Alina Barna, Tereza Gajdosova, Filip Šimek

For more information read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation:Nyírségi Civil Egyesület

Project report:

Kőröshegy, a village near Balaton, that will be forever in our hearts, it is a place, where we met our friends, had a lot of fun and created some unforgettable memories. That is how I and other seven Czech people remember youth exchange No Pressure from 1st to 10th September. Except Czechs, there were also people from Spain, the Slovak Republic, Serbia, Italia and the hosting country: Hungary.

Thanks to the organizers everybody had an opportunity to enjoy and learn during activities that they prepared for us. We were able to find out how to recognize fake news (and create some which helped us realize how easy it is), fight against cyberbullying and improved our knowledge on each topic.An important aspect of the exchange were the “morning news” where everyone was able to show their creativity through Instagram posts, stories and tik tok videos. Every day we had to prepared something to show the group the next day. Sometimes it was easy, we have just showed what we did like visiting Balaton beach or Siófok, other days we needed to be more creative and think about what to post. The exchange was ended with streaming on Instagram which we tried to prepare in the morning. It taught us how to work as a team and give us the opportunity to came with our original ideas.Overall, this project gave us a lot. We had the opportunity to learn not only about social media, but also about our selves and other cultures. At the beginning there was just a bunch of strangers and at the end there was a bunch of friends with many ideas and vision that we want to share with the world. It all started with one project and never ended.

Zuzana Palkovičová

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