Practices, Potentials and Perspectives (3Ps) of Inclusive Education – Hungary


Programme: Visegrad Fund

Venue: Pécs, Hungary

Dates: 29 April – 3 May 2015

Participants: Lucia Marková, Jakub Pšenička, Nikol Turoňová, Heyran Mustafayeva

Please read the project info-pack and daily activities schedule.

Project report:

The 5-day-lasting international seminar “Practices, Potentials and Perspectives (3Ps) of Inclusive Education”deals with how to efficiently use non-formal learning methods to sustainably foster inclusion and empower children and young people with limited access to civic life and self-realisation. It aims at enabling teachers, facilitators, multipliers and activity leaders in civil society organisations and schools to work together on projects to design, realize and reflect on non-formal learning processes and group dynamics of high impact, with a clear focus on inclusion groups.

3Ps comprises of intellectual, emotional and mainly practical/exercising elements. It provides the participants with an advanced possibility to exchange, acquire and exercise new tools in inclusive education and inclusion work, non-formal education, to identify best practices, and to plan parnterships resulting in a development and action plan for the professional future. 

The involved partner organisations get a chance to compare local realities, assess their own work and strategy in inclusive education, foster new partnerships and projects and to set up a development and action plan for their inclusion work. The exchange of best practices and experiences during 3Ps will enable and encourage the partner organisations to add a strong perspective of innovation and participation to their future educational activities, and also by this way, to diversify the methodology they use with their target groups.

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