Raising environmental awareness in Eastern Europe and Caucasus region – Georgia


Programme & action: programme Youth in Action, action 3.1.2. training course

Venue: Bakuriani, Georgia

Dates: 23-30 March 2014

Participants: Zuzana Balušková, Michal Skapa, Kateřina Procházková, Jakub Sobocik, Jana Hniličková

Participating countries: Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Project report:

Have you ever imagined country where you can live you dream? If not, Georgia is one of them. You can enjoy beautiful view of pure nature, mountains, sea, beutiful culture and as well as warm and haspitable people there. We´ve been on project focusing on rising environmental awareness in Eastern Europe and Caucasus region since 23rd of March till 30th of March in Bakuriani (Georgia). We discovered point of view from different perspective and learned a lot of new usefull information.

Participants were from different countries of Europe – Czech republic, United Kingdom, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania and Poland. During this week we have made a funtional group so we were able to discuss our topics. Thanks to the great preparation and technical hinterland project was guided in order to find out how does it work in Eastern Europe and Caucasus region. Among discussing topics belonged some basic information about developing of environmental awareness in general, about forming of environmental establishments, environmental tools and local problems with their possible solutions in our communities. We were pleased by visit of two georgian experts in global warming and Georgian environmental problems.

Due to the knowledge of participants we learned a lot about local problems and differences which we are facing to. The great thanks belongs to association DRONI – especially to Giorgi and Giorgi who arranged this wonderful experience without any problem. As well as thanks belongs to association Act Global CIC and their leaders Olga and Sebastian whom have done a lot of work and prepared rich program for us.

Summarising it all we have made new gorgeous friendships, broke internetional barriers, learned about Eastern Europe environmental problems and understanding international differences. I recommend this experience to everyone who is open-minded and want to learn something new about world! Let´s be international, educated and discover beauties of life!

 Zuzana Balušková

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