Say ‘Stop Violence’ through Sport — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Adana, Turkey

Dates: 26 September – 3 October 2019

Participants: Nela Kopecká, Daniela Šnejdarová, Nikola Vičíková, Marie Koubová

Group leader: Veronika Roušarová (GL)

Host organisation: Group Peace and Solidarity

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Finland

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Project report: 

Turecko, Adana – 26.9.-3.10. 2019

Say stop to violence through sport

Report – Veronika Roušarová

Hello, everyone! I would like to tell you more about our project “Say stop violence through sport” in Turkey, which was held between 26.9.-3.10.2019. We stayed in Yumurtalik. It is a part of Adana – the fifth largest city in Turkey. Lucky for us, our hotel has been located really close to sea, so we could spend our free time on the beach.

Primarily our Czech team has been composed of five girls, but a week before the beginning of the project, the Finnish team canceled their participation, and therefore Turkish organizers offered us to look for one more Czech participant. We found a brave young man, so in conclusion It wasn’t just a “girl’s trip”. There were also people from other countries: Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Greece and Turkey (six people from each country).


From my point of view, the topic of our project has been devised pretty good, because we could do a lot of various activities. But firstly, we played some games, which helped us to know each other better. Other days in the beginning of every meeting, we had some “energizer games”. Sometimes, we had so much fun during the games! I believe no one has been bored, because the timetable was entertaining and the organizers (Erdem, Mustafa and Osman) prepared it very well! 

During our meetings we were dealing, for example with some issues connected with violence but also with sport. Every group has prepared presentation about problems in their countries. It was really interesting for us, when we realized that even if we live in the same continent, we are members of EU and our countries are developed, people still have to face many problems. We were talking about some solutions as well. 

But as I already said, the project also has related to sport, so we spoke about some advantages and disadvantages which sport brings. Every country showed their national sports and talked about some popular sportsmen and sportswomen, so that was a right time, when we felt very proud of our country. Moreover, we played some ball games, went swimming, danced on the beach, went hiking and tried to spend our free time more actively.  

Really important parts of every project are intercultural nights! Every group introduced their country, their traditions, famous places or people and thought others about some basic words in their language. All participants also brought really good food popular for their country. Finally we learned steps of our national dances. 

I would like to also mention that we have met a really great team and I am not talking only about our Czech. Every free time we spent together and thanks to spaces in the hotel we didn’t disturb other. We could improve our English and make new friendships. I am really thankful for being a part of this project and I am going to share my experiences and new skills with my other friends!

Veronika Roušarová

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