Think Global, Act Local (youth exchange) – Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Folgarida (Val di Sole, Dimaro) – Trento, Italy

Dates: 28 July – 6 August 2016

Participants: Šimon Boldi, Ewa Wierzgońová

Please read the info-pack.

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Latvia

Hosting organisationAssociazione Culturale Eufemia

Project report:

Project named Think global, Act Local took place in Folgarida – for us unknown place in Northern Italy.

For most of us it was first YE project abroad. It was ecological focused project so we traveled by train. Our group consisting of 5 participants from 2 different organizations met on railway station in Břeclav. Together we wandered 11 hours by train to Italian Trento, where ordered bus was waiting for us and participants from other countries.

I think everyone in the bus was pretty nervous but really excited! We were watching others trying to recognize from which country they are. Our Czech team was little bit tired because of our long journey but a rainbow between mountains we saw on the road to our hotel in Valley of Sun woke us up and predicted really good time waiting for us.

The whole week was busy because of our program full of workshops and discussions about ecology, environment and sustainability but especially full of games and entertainment activities. In case of beautiful and sunny weather we went swimming to Bio Lake or we had adventurous ecochallenge in Dimaro – small turistic town near to our hotel. One day we spent by trekking in Alps, where we had a possibility to admire beauty and hugeness of these mountains.

We were accomodated in ski hotel Union. There were moreless four people from different countries in one room to get some new experiences from other cultures. Most of the time we spent together in common room or at reception. Every participant could talk about food we had for a long time. We had a great Italian pasta every day and after that two more dishes. One participant from Romania summed it up this way: Just as you can’t stop rain, you can’t stop pasta in Folgarida.

Our entire group was very great together, full of optimism, fun, honesty and tolerance. Farewell with project wasn’t easy. Everybody had a good time and there was nobody who would like to go home after those 9 amazing days.

This exchange acquired us a knowledge, got an experience and so many new useful informations which can help us in our future and new projects we will try to realize.

Ewa Wierzgońová

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