Welcome on board! — Hungary


Date: 2. – 10. 7. 2010

Venue: Gardony – Hungary

Promoter: zabad Ter Egyesulet / Open Space Association

Type of project: Grundtvig

Report: I have been a little bit suspicious after the project started, because it seemed that we wouldnt be very busy, the main abjective seemed to be lying on a beach and swimming. However, it got much more better when the activities started. The topic of the workshop was education through sports and I would say that I learned a lot concerning the topic. We had the opportunity to work with visually and hearing impaired lecturers, they made us think about activities in a different way – how to adapt them to make them interesting for people with handicap. We also learned to adapt sports so that no one feels excluded or bored by the activity because there are better players who do all the work in the team. Creating of our own project was another interesting part of the programme, as well as lecture on EVS and youth exchanges. We learned how to play méta, traditional hungarian game, as well as lot of energizers which I think will be useful for me in the future. It was good to learn how to give massage to someone else.
        The activities seemed to be well designed and the organizers knew what they were doing. The participants were active too and it was a real fun to cooperate with them, I really enjoyed the international evening. This was my first workshop and I am eager to participate in another one as soon as possible, I can recommend it to everyone.

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