Youth Mobility and Dynamisation of the Youth Information in our town — Spain


Dates: 7.9.2013 – 6.7.2014

Venue: Majadahonda, Spain

Programme, action: Youth in Action, 2, European Voluntary Service

Participant: Markéta Knop-Kostková

Something about the project: It is composed as long-term EVS, the youth organisation Concejalía de Juventud del Ayuntamiento de Majadahonda is the hosting organisation. It focuses on promoting information about EU and its programmes aimed at young people to local youths.

Visibility of the project: There was a meeting/presentation of this project organised 9th January 2015 in the Břeclav Town Library. See more here.

Project report: I was asking myself about a lot of things before coming to Majadahonda but my fears disappeared suddenly.

I worked in the Youth Centre, which offers free time, education and information activities. My task was to teach English and French conversation classes, present international programs for youngsters at high schools and in the Youth Centre, I was preparing information bulletin, helping young people to look for international opportunities, I helped them with CV and motivation letters in English and French, I made some translation and I developed my own projects.

Spanish way of living is very calm, without too much stress and sometimes not really logical. To ask “why” is a bit nonsense. The answer is “why not?” The other positive point is that the majority of locals doesn ́t speak English, so I improved a lot my Spanish. Moreover, I learnt a lot about Spanish culture mainly thanks to my lovely colleagues, friends and classes of traditional dance flamenco.

I was living in a nice share flat with other volunteer Anna from Germany and two woman from Colombia. The flat was in the centre of Majadahonda, really nice, calm family city, so that young people go to Madrid (16km). At the first sight, the city look boring but this is not true at all. Eventought there is no sea and it ́s quite cold thanks to altitude, you can find a plenty of awesome parks, museums, cultural events, bars, you can enjoy multicultural ambient and rich night life. But I decided to see more and I was travelling a lot through the hole Spain, from the north to the south and I felt in love with such amazing and various country as Spain.

Markéta Knop-Kostková

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