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ACT - Active Citizens of Today!
20. 3. 2019

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20. 10. 2016

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24. 10. 2014

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7. 9. 2013

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23. 6. 2013

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ACT - Active Citizens of Today!
20. 3. 2019

Venue: Lednice, Czech Republic

Dates: 20-28 March 2019

Participants: 2 per country

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Please read the info-packDaily programme of activities and Travel guide.

Participating countriesAlbania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Spain

If you are interested in participation in this training course and you match the participants's profile (please see below), please fill in the application form until 30th November 2018.

We kindly ask participants from Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia to make sure they bring biometric passports with themselves so that they do not need apply for and cover Schengen visas.

Participants' profile: youth trainers/workers who are actively working with young people as a professional or on the voluntary basis, aged 18+ (preferably up to 30 years) from the above mentioned 13 European countries.

Within the ERASMUS+ programme there are food, accommodation and activities fully covered from the Erasmus+ grant and arranged by organisers. Participants will be also reimbursed their travel costs up to the limit - please see the info-pack.

Project info:

ACT is a training course that aims to support the professional development of young leaders/trainers and to raise the quality of their projects concerning active citizenship. We will approach the idea of citizenship on three different levels: locally, nationally and in the European context. The training course uses methods of experiential learning as role plays, simulations and drama methods and group sharing methods as small and large group discussions. Together, we will be working out and improving 'method toolkit' on how to motivate youngsters for participation in their community and beyond. All over mission of the training course is to find the ways how to make the issue of citizenship attractive to the youth.

Main aim:

ACT is a training course that aims to support the professional development of young trainers and to raise the quality of their projects concerning (European) citizenship.


  • pointing out the connection between citizenship, responsibility for one’s immediate environment and society and active participation;
  • experiencing, discussing and sharing historical and recent understandings of citizenship and its implications for participation;
  • approaching different levels of citizenship (local – national – international/European) in practice by simulations, cases and methods development;
  • sharing different visions and understandings of citizenship;
  • reflecting on the notion of European identity and its underlying values (democracy, tolerance, plurality, human rights);
  • raising the quality of projects dealing with youth participation and citizenship.

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