4th Industrial Revolution – Denmark


Program & action: ERASMUS+ Youth, Key Action 1: training course

Project number: 2020-2-DK01-KA105-075217

Dates: 23 November—2 December 2021

Venue: Slettestrand, Denmark

Please read the  info-packdaily activities schedule.

Hosting organisation: Intercollege

Participating countries: Romania, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark

Czech team: Petr Jančář, Timoteus Pospíšil

Project report:

Welcome to Denmark! Welcome to the world full of happy people, fun, friendship and honesty. It was my pleasure to travel to Denmark (Slettestrand) with one more Czech guy on the 23.12.202. We were really excited about the project “4th Industrial Revolution” that ended on the 1st August. There were few people from each country: Romania, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece

Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our leaders –klaudia, Alex we were able to create a wonderful team without any single mistake! During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and better and thanks to many group works, we were able to cooperate quite easily by many greeting excercises. We were dealing for example with critical thinking, adaptability and flexibility, creativity and cultural
intelligence and diversity, Introduction to leadership and collaboration, Introduction to emotional intelligence when
working with young people, etc. Presentation of our results allowed us to practice English and move our level a little bit higher!

Moreover, we took a trip to Aalborg city and we had free time to travel there and visit place we wanted to. For example I and my other 3 friend took a walk through the beautiful city and we visited a viking cementery.

I would say, we enjoyed and learn something new in this project. overall I would say we enjoyed as a group, I think nobody from our froup would say he/she doesn’t enjoyed. This project was not only about non-formal learning, we made new friendships and I think thouse friendship are also very inportant for our future career/life. we had a multi cultural evening where we presented our nationals dance, and our national food/sweets.
Daily activities schedule was perfect becouse we had many activities and also free time to visit a swimming pool, sauna, gym at venue. Now, when we are back home we can try to realize our ideas and be happy if any of them will come true. We can start with creating a lot of beautiful things or we can use education as the most powerful weapon to change the world.

                                                                                                                                 Petr Jančář

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