ABC Creativity — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Leszno, Poland

Dates: 20-28 January 2019

Participants: Martin Zeman, Alžběta Schulzová

Please read the info-pack a daily programme.

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Arena i Świat

Participating countries: CR, Romania, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, Poland

Project report: 

  Welcome to Leszno, Poland town with 65 thousands of inhabitants. Leszno is town of Czech “teacher of nations” Jan Ámos Komenský. He was living there between ears 1628 – 1941 and 1654 – 1656 and wrote down his most important books there. From Prague there go direct bus about six hours of journey. Project ABC Creativity took place on 20st January. Altogether was 27 participants from Greek, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Georgia and Bulgaria. From Czech republic there was except for me girl from Moravia.  Project ended on the 28st January.

 Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our local leaders – Mara and Marta we were able to create a wonderful team without any single mistake! During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and better. On every morning we played various energizing games or had activity named “gossip” – every participant had wrote on blank sheet of paper something that he wanted to say. Result was sometimes a good laugh. After it we had lecture about creativity, or we taking part in many creative activities. It was for example game for three people -one expert and two journalists. Journalists were asking expert creative questions for various topics (energetic drink for turtles). Another activity was for example discussion on some topics. Participants had coloured cups on heads according to ways of peoples thinking. Some was focused on process, others on facts, creativity or feelings. Very instructive was as well circulating between a few stands and fulfilling creative missions. All this i can utilize at home in work with children, youth and families.  I imagine that important part of every training course is lighting inner fire.  Discussions after activities allowed us to practice English and move our level a little bit higher! Highlight for me was afternoon in large shopping center called Gallery, where our groups was entertaining local children and youth. They registered on Facebook or we captured them on corridors of shopping center. Aim was walk about between twelve stations and compete about points. For example Grecian group presented competitors Greek culture via picture of quiz. Our Czech group consist of me and Czech girl. We occupied best place on first floor of shopping center and offered participants to play funny Czech game. Rules were simple. One from competitors had on head inscription of some word. It was Czech, polish or world sportsmen, singer, thing or occupation and others gave him clues. They for example guessed words as Prague, driver, Robert Lewandowski or Ed Sheeran. We granted them five, ten or fifteen points. On the final Cremony on first floor of shopping center participans obtained awards. Youngest was group of eight years old children, oldest was sixteen years old young participants.  Many of these participants came to visit us on our intercultural evening in our hotel next evening. There they tasted national food, can dance and see video presentations participants countries.  

Moreover, we experienced quite a lot from polish vital culture. Local polish participant Noemi from Leszno take us two times to most popular hipsters pub to sing karaoke. And with leader Mara we was dancing on most popular music club in Leszno Stara gazownia, which have been rebuilt year ago from gas factory.  We also had opportunity to come to know center of Leszno in the course of game in small groups in which we carry out various missions. One afternoon we walked 7 kilometres “nordic walking” in forest on the edge of the town with local people.  Last day we created in groups project of some possible future training courses.

 Considering it all in all, this project had something special in itself. Everything was so calm, pretty and amazing. People were very friendly and nice. Now, when I m back home I m implementing all in the practice – on my second school practice with families and children or on voluntary weekends in social organizations and I hope also in future occupation.  

To sum it up, if there is no EYCB as the great group allowing a lot of people to do amazing things EYCB would have to be invented! Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen! 


Martin Zeman

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