Partnership for Inclusion — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Partnership Building Activity (PBA)

Venue: Brebu, Romania

Dates: 12—18 December 2023

Czech team: 1 participant 

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Hosting organisation: NEVO Parudimos

Project report:

From December 13th to 17th 2023, a group of people from different organizations came together in Brebu, Romania for a PBA (Partnership Building Activity) called “Partnership for Inclusion.” This was hosted by an organization named Nevo Parudimos.

The main idea of this five-day project was to help these organizations work better together and make new connections. In the first three days, everyone introduced themselves and talked about what their organizations do and which priorities they have. They also shared what they hope to achieve.

On day 3 in the afternoon there was a trip to Resice, where we visited a local youth center. This center is run by Nevo Parudimos (the same organization hosting this project). After that we had some time to see the town. In the evening there was an event, because Nevo Parudimos celebrated 15 years from its establishment.

In last two days of the project, we had a space to come up with our own ideas regarding new project writings and finding relevant partners who will be interested in the topic. After that there was a reflection session.

Petr V.

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