B’Low’Ssom Your Future — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Bédeille, France

TC dates: 5—16 April 2022

Participants: 3

Host organisation:  SolAfrika

Participating countries: Greece, North Macedonia, Czech republic, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Italy, France

Please read the info-pack & project summary

Project info:

Unemployment, precariousness, lack of motivation, lack of meaning and purpose, and very few opportunities for blossoming: here is a pessimistic portrait of the current youth, but real and frequent nevertheless.

As young people, we discover life and its possibilities. We develop interests, passions, skills, values. But these are sometimes hard to find out, and even then, we do not always express them. Youth is also the time when we make choices for the future. Often difficult to take, these are even more difficult when it comes to a career choice. And when it’s done, it can prove disappointing: far from expectations, choice by default, non-booming sectors, jobs not fitting the studies etc …

Through this training, we want to share with the participants happy outlooks for the future and in particular for the future of young people. Because yes, we all have things that motivate us, yes we all have talents and yes lots of promising, rewarding and sustainable professions exist. All we have to do is to discover them, and first of all, to discover oneself so that enthusiasm, determination and optimism take over among the youth.

The main objectives of this training course are:
1 / Introduce participants to little-known trades of various natures, with great potential for hiring and fulfillment for the future
2 / Provide participants with new learning outcomes to better support young people in their life and training path: learn to know yourself better so that you can get into life better
3 / Create common pedagogical and communication materials to enable participants to use their new learning outcomes and disseminate them

This TC pursues other goals such as:

  • Promote a more healthy way of life
  • Participate to the unavoidable transitions for a happy and sustainable future
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Learn to be active in a group dynamic


We plan to use participative methods. Participants will be active and implicated in all daily tasks. We will also use non formal education tools to promote group dynamic, also in the workshops. Therefore every one should be able to develop his critical mind, his analysis sense and share his opinion with the others. With these tools, we will promote the skills and knowledges we will acquire during the training course.

Participants’ profile:

  • we expect a majority of people who already had experiences in Youth/Social work, whether they are regular or temporary workers, regular or temporary volunteers. However, this also leaves opportunities for any other person interested in the topic, needing fresh air or even for youth (17 y.old minimum age as long as they come with a referent person).
  • Also and very important: this is a training for all, let’s not forget it! We openly welcome everyone: people in difficulty or not, with disadvantages or not.

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