She/He/Us — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Antalya, Turkey

Dates: 18—27 February 2023

Czech team: Martin Sochorec, Beata Zemanová, Barbora Jelínková, Martin Bartošek, Michaela Gelnarová, Petr Wolf

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: KulturNetz e.V

Project report:

Another project, another adventure, another amazing experience. The story begins on 17th of February when 6 young people from Czech Republic met for the first time at Antalya airport. Our journey to the ancient city Olympos was exactly how would you imagine traveling by public transport in Turkey – chaotic and totally random. Fortunately, everything went well and we arrived safe and sound. Next 9 days were full of learning, discussions, AHA moments and memories that I will never forget.

I will try to give you an insight into this experience. Imagine being an participant on a project in Turkish mountains with at least another 12 nationalities. Every day having different blocks of workshops focused on gender inequality an equity led by competent and skilful trainers. Trying new methods of learning, exploring new perspectives and even breaking the bubble most of us live in by thinking out of the box and listening to stories from all around the world.

Sounds good? Well, you would be completely right to think that. I am very grateful for this opportunity I was given. My thanks goes to everyone who took part in the process of the project realization, especially to our lovely facilitators, organizing and logistic team and last but not least, to EYCB for their amazing work.

See you in the next project!


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