Let’s build together! — Romania


Date:  18 – 30 October 2011

Venue:  Baile Olanesti-Valcea, Romania

Number of participants: 4


Eva: There were two minor projects. The first one aimed to summarise what we think about the europian citizenship and the other one was focused on current problems on our countries, where we were supposed to write down the problems, their solutions and the ideal situations for each. During all activities we worked in groups so we could try the trickiness of negotiation for each of us had different ideas and we had to co-operate.


We stayed in the Supreme hotel where all the activities were organized. The theme of the project was “Participatory democracy.” The first example of participatory democracy was that we created rules and we were supposed to follow them. We really liked this idea. Next days we were introducing democratic systems of our countries, we also created ideal villages (our task was to think about education, people, voting system ….). Then we had 2 days for preparing the forum theatre (this is another kind of theatre – the theme is usually connected with drugs, corruption, discrimination and so on. When the play is performed, the public can go and change the plot of the play.)

Every day in the evening there was an intercultural night (each country prepared typical food, drinks and so on). Our trainers also established two meetings for us – one was with the mayor of Baile-Olanesti and the second one was with the mayor of Rm Valcea.

We enjoyed the project very much.

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