Arts: Agents for Community Change – Kosovo


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Fushe Kosove, Kosovo

Dates: 10 – 17 November 2016

Participants: Linda Do Thi, Adéla Chmelová, Jan Pauer

Please read the info-pack & daily activities programme. Please also read project blog and project booklet.

Hosting organisation: Antik Team

Project report:

Reaction of my friends when I told them I am going to Kosovo was : Please don’t get yourself killed. In fact, it is quite peaceful there unless you want to fight against government. Even though the country is basically independent from Serbia nothing really changed since then, the head of the country is absolutely corrupted and people feel more desperate than before. This was also confirmed when we visited municipality and we were told that everything is just perfect, no protests and people are satisfied. Irony was when we visited Pristina, on the exact day there was a protest against freedom of speech. There were many other problems such as higher radioactivity in some  places, why is Macedonia called sandwich country etc. but what I am trying to say by this is the understanding the Balkan political situation which you will never learn at school or news will never show.

Now, Let’s move to a bit happier part. The seminar was very inspiring. It was based on non-formal education and an art based approach. It gave me lot of ideas for my future projects, for instance usage of gardening in order to change community. Moreover, I tried for the first time theatre of the oppressed, which is also very interesting communicating method with children who have psychological issues. We were also dealing with human rights, prevention of discriminations and how we imagine perfect world. Organisers and trainers were incredible. They created a safe space for sharing and living a memorable experience full of art-based approach tolls.

Most importantly, I’ve met amazing people that I will probably work with in the future. We have built a good network and I hope we will be able to keep it alive. Each of us opened like a flower during this period full of intense activity and I understood that everybody is different and each of us have taken a different journey furthermore I really appreciate sharing their stories with me. Erasmus + is connecting people and nations and this seminar helped me to be one step forward to shaping myself into the person I am trying to become.

Linda Do Thi

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