From Youth Climate Voice to Youth Climate International Action – Austria


Programme: Erasmus+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Tauchen, Austria

Dates: 2—8 May 2022

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Hosting organisation: Youth and Environment Europe

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy

Hosting organisation: Youth and Environment Europe

Project description:

  • Are you passionate about environmental sustainability and climate issues?
  • Are you a youth worker or a member of the environmental youth movement or informal group and would you like to enter the political environment?
  • Do you want to have a long term impact on environmental policies and influencing local policy making through participation in youth environmental organisations of the future?
  • Are you a young game-changer aged between 18 and 30 with a good level of English residing in one of the countries of our partner organisations*?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then this training course is the right choice for you and your organisation! And although the best things in life don’t come free, this training course is an exception and it’s completely free of charge!

Youth and Environment Europe is looking for participants for the international training course “From Youth Climate Voice to Youth Climate International Action” on 2nd-8th of May 2022 in Austria, Tauchen.

The training course is the second activity of YEE’s project ‘Youth Digital Communic[ACTION]’ supported by the European Youth Foundation and Erasmus+.

Would you like to participate in an interactive training course based on non-formal education principles? During the training we will explore how to increase the digital literacy of the young people active in environmental movements to be truly heard!

What can you expect?

The training course will prepare young people from environmental movements, informal groups and NGOs for effectively developing their digital communication skills and strategies, helping them communicate their messages and concerns about the current climate crisis efficiently in the digital environment, having a long-term impact on environmental decision-making, to fulfil their needs and achieve their strategic goals.

YEE wants to support youth environmental activists, workers and informal groups in creating successful digital campaigns to raise their voices and enter the political environment.

The aim of this activity is to create a strategic plan and content for the shared digital climate campaign reflecting the environmental issues and needs of participants and participating organisations attending the workshop.
You can expect interactive sessions facilitated by our amazing Preparatory team.

We will have various sessions during which you will

  • Explore the advanced digital communication tools and techniques needed to create an effective campaign and to capture the online audience’s attention;
  • Gain skills and knowledge on how to communicate your messages in a creative way;
  • Be able to effectively communicate your ideas in digital environment through engaging content, storytelling and design;
  • Improve digital literacy and learn how to communicate current climate crisis more effectively in order to have a bigger, sustainable and long-term impact on environmental decision-making;
  • Be part of a space for knowledge and experience sharing in the field of climate communication, youth participation and local initiatives among digital climate activists, experts, young workers and youth organisations;
  • Develop the shared digital climate campaign strategy, which will be later adopted as the final stage of the project by creating space for the knowledge and experience sharing & exchanging good practices;
  • Have the chance to work on the exciting training course outputs (articles, videos, infographics, etc.).

What makes it even more exciting is that we know your participation will make a difference and therefore it will be highly appreciated. After successful completion of the training course, you will get a YEE Certificate for each of the main topical sessions as well as the YouthPass training course certificate from Erasmus+.

Who are we looking for?

We welcome applications from those who are interested in the topic, are motivated to learn and share knowledge with an international group of young people in the training course and get involved in projects on the topic following the course.

The criteria for applying are the following:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old from one of the programme countries*
    Have good communication skills and speak English well (they should be able to clearly express themselves both orally and in writing);
  • Be a climate activist or be a youth worker actively involved in environmental youth organisations and/or youth projects and organisations;
  • Have working/studying experience with the topics of the training course: environmental issues, sustainability, youth movements, NGOs, communication, digital media, youth participation and political lobbying;
  • Welcome new challenges as learning opportunities;
  • Be willing to support the rest of the group and be a team-player;
  • Be willing and motivated to share the knowledge and skills from the training course with their colleagues from the organisation and within their communities;
  • Be committed to the aims of the project and YEE values

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