Youth Marketing Policy Makers for Sustainable Development (YouMUST): Mobility of Youth Workers II – Macedonia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 2: Capacity Building in the field of youth

Venue: Struga, Macedonia

Dates:  12 – 18 May 2017

Participants: Lucie Straková, Nikol Škorpíková

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Project Facebook page: and Youtube channel.

Participating countries: Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Ghana; Kyrgyzstan; Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM); Nepal, Poland; Romania; Slovakia and Slovenia

Hosting organisation: Association for research, education and development „Marketing Gate“ – Skopje.

Project report:

In May 2017 I was participant on project called YouMust in Struga in Macedonia. Project was just for one week, but the time was definitely worthy and we were really efficiant. We did a lot of work during these days.

There were around 20 great individiuals who tried to create something better, something bigger for our world. There were people from Ghana, Kyrgystan, Nepal, Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria and Macedonia of course. Together we learnt about SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals, which were set by OSN for the years 2015-2030 to create a better world to live in. You can find there goals such as No poverty in the world, Zero Hunger, Quality Education etc.

Aim of this project was go through the most „painful“ goals for our world and create projects, which could help to achieve the wanted state of the country. We worked a lot in mixed groups and we change them as well quite often to get to know each other and the issues of all of present countries.

Apart of working hard and creating meanigul projects, we also had time to explore the beauty of Ohrid Lake because we lived in hotel nearby. The organizators also took us for a trip to Ohrid, which is really tiny but nice town, where you can meet people with spark in their eyes, will to help you and to show you the most of their country-food, drinks, culture, history.

I think this project was really good, because it worked with something really big. These SDGs can really change the world and we just need to implement everything what we came up with, because those projects were really cool.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Lucie Straková


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