My Green Steps … Through the Forest — Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Lisbon; Arrouquelas; Rio Maior, Portugal

Dates: 5-15 August 2018

APV: 22-24 June 2018

Participants: Jan Lengál, Marek Doseděl, Michaela Cahová, Lenka Švidrnochová

Group leader: Monika Jakubčíková

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Hosting organisationH2O

Project report: 

Bom diaz! Ola! Hi from all of our Czech group members from the youth exchange My green steps… through the forest. We spent amazing time in Arrouquelas in Portugal and we want to share our experiences with you – maybe to help you to choose this project next year;)

With four more people from the Czech Republic we arrived in Lisbon on 5thJuly and together with all the participants from 10 European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Armenia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Spain, Estonia, Moldova and last but not least Croatia) we travelled to the beautiful small village of Arrouquelas, where we met the 11th and hosting country – Portugal.

At the beginning it seemed it is difficult just to remember all the names, but as every of us was so talkative and friendly, we not even learned some names, like time passed we´d got to known each other better and better and we found new friends all around the Europe. Personally, I found work in this huge group of diverse people as pleasure and shifting experience.

Moreover, each night we experienced the unique culture (and traditional dances) of all of the present countries and most important we learned a lot about life in Portugal and in Arrouquelas itself – obrigada to this incredible community and H2O organisation for their unbelievable work!

From the arresting experts and university professors we learned a lot about frightening forest fires. Together we improved the public places, we helped with cleaning the forest of dry branches which could cause fire to spread and we contributed to prevent these fires a bit also by live interview for the public television.

With H2O we had also the possibility to see a lot of stunning places and try such activities as performing the flashmob in the streets of Nazaré (and also swimming in real ocean, not a sea), ridding down the river on a kayak or playing the town game and the Plan B, the best simulation game I have ever experienced.

This is how I can continue to describe for a long time, but why just read about it? Next year you can participate and live it!

So, last few words – thanks the European Union which made it all possible to happen and… Díky! Obrigada to you! You all – the EYCB, H2O and all other youth organisations, you all are doing great work. Thank you for possibility to be part of it.

Jan Lengál

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